MOULIN ROUGE X SECRET CINEMAI cannot go into too much detail about this marvellous event as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone else…all I have to say is YOU MUST GET YOURSELF A LAST MINUTE TICKET. It is a little further afield however it is totally worth it. Sign up through they will assign a character to you. This character has a full profile including a list of special skills, people to look out for and your history. It’s such a well thought out event and everyone just gets so into it. There are dancers, actors and incredible singers preforming in amongst the crowd. I really had the best time and all I can say is…when will they give s a Harry Potter theme…


Sorry for the late blog post on this!
I had the best time with my cousins Lisa and Rhea this easter weekend. I met them on Thursday straight after work for dinner and DREAMGIRLS! I can’t put it into words how amazing Amber Riley is. The whole crowd erupted as soon as she took the stage. The show really was incredible and I was just dying to sing along to every song. thumb_IMG_2252_1024
Friday we all went to Madame Tousauds to see all the wax works. Just a little tip, book a time slot then get there super super early and just wait in the queue. The queue was right round the back of the building and it took us around an hour to get in despite booking. The place really was huge though! There were different ‘departments’ the whole way round so you had the music, royals, how they are made, rides…it really is a good day out. I of course got to ‘meet’ my main girl J-Law. We then moved onto the the London Eye, again get there early! We decided to head up there at night so we would get the full of London all lit up. It really was stunning! The whole of London just looked incredible.
On Saturday we had tickets for the London sightseeing bus (do not go with London City Tours they were a nightmare) Once we got on the bus we stayed there until Buckingham palace. It was then time for SHOPPING! We popped into Hamleys where I got my sisters main baby presents! I have gone for a little theme. Cannot show exactly what it is just yet though. Keep an eye on my instagram (@whathannahdoes) and I will be posting them up on that as soon as I can. We heading back to Ealing and went to Limeyard restaurant. It was a nice healthy-ish take on American food. Unfortunately there was a slight mix up with my food but the staff there were fantastic and the food was delicious.
Sunday was a very relaxed lunch at starbucks shortly before I had to say goodbye!
It was such a great way to spend my easter weekend. Cant wait to be home next to see you both again!


So if you have been following my Instagram over the past few months you may have noticed that I announced by sister is having a baby! I am getting my very own nephew and I am absolutely over the moon. I have gotten to the stage I just cannot stop talking about it. August cant come any quicker for our family. My Dad is so excited to finally have a boy to back him up. He has been dealing with a house over-run with women for the past 25 years…He’s put up with a lot over the years.
I have decided to do a little shop online to see what I can get for my little prince when he arrives.

How cute are these! These are all from



You may have noticed I have chosen a little theme…


And this was just a must have…IMG_8148


Cant wait to get some photos up with him in them!




I have recently received two products from Indeed Laboratories, Hydraluron and Retinal Reface. First of all I absolutely loved the packaging, It looks so modern and colourful.  I was so excited when I was asked to try out these products. I happen to have the driest skin ever despite lathering myself with E45 all day long. When I first used the Hydraluron I felt my skin glowing! I have now worked this into my daily skin routine before I put my make up on. This serum gives my skin that much needed boost of moisture after I get out of the shower, it also works great as a primer!
The Retinol Reface has been my night time saviour. I put this creamy moisturiser on as soon as I take my make up off. This product is mainly made up of Vitamin A, a proven ingredient to help defend against ageing fine lines. I have been thinking I need to work some anti ageing creams into my face, I know I’m only 25 but your never too young to start looking after yourself. The three types of retinol keep your skin soft the full night and creates the perfect canvas for the morning.
I loved that both products had no fragrances or any false ingredients added so it was guaranteed to work well with my skin. thumb_IMG_2212_1024
You can get these products from most boots stores in the UK. Go out and try some of these products honestly you won’t be disappointed!
Click on the link above to head straight to the boots website and their full list of products.

Burberry At Makers House

Well I got to visit the incredible master piece that was the newest Burberry collection. We headed along for the last night of the show which was packed. As we arrived we were greeted with the biggest queue I had ever seen. By the time we got to the front I was not disappointed.. I cant describe how excited I was to get in the door.
We walked straight into the cape collection. There were just rows and rows of intricately designed capes: each one more imaginative and creative than the next. The amount of detail and craftsmanship that went into every single design was so beautiful to see up close.


Round the corner were mannequins dress up in the latest collection shown there only days before. After sifting through all the runway photos from LFW I couldn’t believe I was getting to see it all up close. fullsizerender-42
Upstairs there were sketches and developments from both designer and artist. This got my creative juices flowing and could have been the best thing to happen to me in a long long time. I am currently searching for a new sketchbook to get some ideas down on paper.


London Fashion Week

Hi All! ♥
Sorry for the lateness of this blog post it has been such a busy few weeks!
On the last day of London Fashion Week we got to head to the strand to check out what was happening.
We also visited Somerset House, another dream of mine, where there was an international exhibition on. There designs were fairly ‘out there’ but they had some really interesting techniques and silhouettes. It was really interesting to see where people from different countries looked for inspiration.
I got to go to LFW last September at Brewer street car park: it was such an incredible atmosphere. There was a sea of photographers and a constant flow of bloggers and celebrities. This was my first experience at a fashion week event. Coming from a small village in Glasgow and only ever dreaming of LFW this genuinely was a dream come true. I just loved seeing so many people all come together for fashion. Bloggers and street style photographers that I had followed for years were right in front of me: it really was incredible.
I was wearing my Of The Realm (find the link below) leather studded biker jacket with a knitted polo neck jumper dress. Of The Realm is an amazing new brand who specialises in leather. I fell in love with this amazing studded biker as soon as I seen it. I have teamed it with my suede effect leggings, maroon boots and backpack all from Zara
Leather jacket: Of The Realm
Suede effect leggings: Zara
Maroon boots: Zara
Backpack: Zara


Hi All ♥

Thought it was about time I started posting some previous work.

I absolutely love designing and making my own clothes. My obsession started when I first saw Ellie Saab. I knew I had to make something like the gorgeous dresses I was seeing on the catwalks. I immediately started searching for some lace and grabbed a needle and thread.

When the time came I began hand stitching my lace onto some power mesh. This would eventually take the shape of my favourite dress… After months and months of hard work I could finally say I was finished. Believe me I have never taken so much time over a design. Every appliqué was hand stitched onto the dress. It took forever! As soon as I thought I was finished I would see another spot that could have another layer. I could have worked on this dress for forever. I decided to give this an open back, I love back detailing, with the raw appliqué edge. I felt this matched the front organic ‘cut out’

Since then I have used the same techniques to create tops! Also posted below. These are all for sale (£30) and can be sent out to you. Please email me on for enquiries. They are all one size, stretchy and adjustable, so will fit just about everyone!


These then turned into a lace bodysuit I made for my sisters engagement party. It still has the full open back and large ribbon bow.

Theres nothing like the feeling you get when someone asks where your clothes are from and you can proudly say that you made it. It has always been my dream to design and make my own clothes…its insane this is now my reality.



My latest look on Lavish Alice could result in a very large bill…

How gorgeous is that white cape back jumpsuit! I managed to purchase the long khaki green cape blazer in their last season and I absolutely love it.You now see this cape design now moving on into jumpsuits/bodysuits and dresses.

Im seriously crushing on that appliqué bodysuit too and its only £40. Trend up get on board with underwear as outerwear. Team this body up with a pair of boyfriend jeans and stilettos. If your not quite ready to expose all then wear under a crisp shirt or kimono to still keep the trend.

LA have also started to make beautiful unique dresses which consist of lace and embroidery. They retail a little higher around £90-£100 however they are absolutely stunning!

The clothes are such good quality and really last. I still have a beautiful pair of white apron front trousers from 2 years ago and they’re still perfect looking…despite a few messy nights!

Check out their new in at

If its not quite pay day I suggest checking out their sale. Items go to about 50% off and they’re still just as gorgeous!



My name is Hannah Benson, I am 24 and just moved down to London from sunny sunny Glasgow. I have recently started working at River Island as a buyers admin assistant. I studied Fashion Design for Industry at Heriot Watt University. During these 4 years i got to work with two incredible designers, Christopher Kane and Nicholas Oakwell. Once I finished university I began working for an independent boutique and online retailer. This sparked my imagination in a completely different light. Before I knew it I was packing my bags and on my way to my birth place…

As the name entails this is a blog of everything I do…. basically I’m just a shop-a-holic! I love taking photographs all the time. You can see most of this on my instagram @whathannahdoes

I will be posting anything from style photos to wish lists on my favourite websites.

Hope you enjoy reading