My name is Hannah Benson, I am 25 and recently moved down to London from sunny sunny Glasgow. I have recently started working at River Island as a buyers admin assistant. I studied Fashion Design for Industry at Heriot Watt University. During these 4 years i got to work with two incredible designers, Christopher Kane and Nicholas Oakwell. Once I finished university I began working for an independent boutique and online retailer. This sparked my imagination in a completely different light. Before I knew it I was packing my bags and on my way to my birth place…

As the name entails this is a blog of everything I do…. basically I’m just a shop-a-holic! I love taking photographs all the time. You can see most of this on my instagram @whathannahdoes

I will be posting anything from style photos to wish lists on my favourite websites.



6 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Such a talented individual. Your designs and process are not just beautiful, they tell a story. Your such an inspiration to others and I can honestly say I haven’t met a more genuine, kind, beautiful person. I wish you every success in your career.


  2. My little cherub, you are one of the most lovely. Caring talented people I know, worked with you for a long time and you have shined through and through good luck in all you do and I look forward to following your life journey 💕


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