bondi sands fake tan whathannahdoes what hannah does

Hi everyone! I have just started using an amazing new tan BONDI SANDS…yes I may be late to this Australian party but it is absolutely AMAZING!

I have been using the self tanning foam in colour DARK. This amazing salon quality tan has such a great smell too!

I always start the process by exfoliating everywhere. Using my mitt, I scrub off my old tan and exfoliate my skin at the same time. I do this everywhere because that will ensure it leaves the best canvas for your tan to stick too. I also put a heavy duty moisturiser on all joints. I've been using working hands as this is water based but has a nice waxy feel once rubbed in so will not interfere with the tan too much. Using my Fake Bake (my old tan) mitt i pump this on and using circular motion rub this into the skin. This tan doesn't sink in straight away so it allows you to keep working it in. Major tip: get the hair dryer out…this helps you get past the tacky stage. bondi sands fake tan whathannahdoes what hannah does blogger

I was using the 60 minutes Fake Bake tan and usually I swear by this. The last time I was in Boots doing my usual beauty shop I came across a buy two get one free. Naturally I stocked up on my Fake Bake essentials and decided to go for this new tan. Bondi Sands tan is becoming a contender… Not only if is about £7 cheaper it lasts just as long and probably smells better. I do love that Fake Bakes was a spray and also came with their own mitt so you were ever left with a grubby mouldy mitt. I think I will probably switch it up between the two of them.

This tan is a must buy! They have also brought out a tan remover which I am dying to try.

Click here to shop Bondi Sands with Superdrug


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