I had the best time with my cousins Lisa and Rhea this easter weekend. I met them on Thursday straight after work for dinner and DREAMGIRLS! I can’t put it into words how amazing Amber Riley is. The whole crowd erupted as soon as she took the stage. The show really was incredible and I was just dying to sing along to every song.


Friday we all went to Madame Tousauds to see all the wax works. Just a little tip, book a time slot then get there super super early and just wait in the queue. The queue was right round the back of the building and it took us around an hour to get in despite booking. The place really was huge though! There were different ‘departments’ the whole way round so you had the music, royals, how they are made, rides…it really is a good day out. I of course got to ‘meet’ my main girl J-Law. We then moved onto the the London Eye, again get there early! We decided to head up there at night so we would get the full of London all lit up. It really was stunning! The whole of London just looked incredible.


On Saturday we had tickets for the London sightseeing bus (do not go with London City Tours they were a nightmare) Once we got on the bus we stayed there until Buckingham palace. It was then time for SHOPPING! We popped into Hamleys where I got my sisters main baby presents! I have gone for a little theme. Cannot show exactly what it is just yet though. Keep an eye on my instagram (@whathannahdoes) and I will be posting them up on that as soon as I can. We heading back to Ealing and went to Limeyard restaurant. It was a nice healthy-ish take on American food. Unfortunately there was a slight mix up with my food but the staff there were fantastic and the food was delicious.

Sunday was a very relaxed lunch at starbucks shortly before I had to say goodbye!

It was such a great way to spend my easter weekend. Cant wait to be home next to see you both again!


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