I have recently received two products from Indeed Laboratories, Hydraluron and Retinal Reface.

First of all I absolutely loved the packaging, It looks so modern and colourful.  I was so excited when I was asked to try out these products. I happen to have the driest skin ever despite lathering myself with E45 all day long. When I first used the Hydraluron I felt my skin glowing! I have now worked this into my daily skin routine before I put my make up on. This serum gives my skin that much needed boost of moisture after I get out of the shower, it also works great as a primer!

The Retinol Reface has been my night time saviour. I put this creamy moisturiser on as soon as I take my make up off. This product is mainly made up of Vitamin A, a proven ingredient to help defend against ageing fine lines. I have been thinking I need to work some anti ageing creams into my face, I know I’m only 25 but your never too young to start looking after yourself. The three types of retinol keep your skin soft the full night and creates the perfect canvas for the morning.

I loved that both products had no fragrances or any false ingredients added so it was guaranteed to work well with my skin. 

You can get these products from most boots stores in the UK. Go out and try some of these products honestly you won’t be disappointed!


Click on the link above to head straight to the boots website and their full list of products.


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