Hi All ♥my-dress

Thought it was about time I started posting some previous work.

I absolutely love designing and making my own clothes. My obsession started when I first saw Ellie Saab. I knew I had to make something like the gorgeous dresses I was seeing on the catwalks. I immediately started searching for some lace and grabbed a needle and thread.

When the time came I began hand stitching my lace onto some power mesh. This would eventually take the shape of my favourite dress… After months and months of hard work I could finally say I was finished. Believe me I have never taken so much time over a design. Every appliqué was hand stitched onto the dress. It took forever! As soon as I thought I was finished I would see another spot that could have another layer. I could have worked on this dress for forever. I decided to give this an open back, I love back detailing, with the raw appliqué edge. I felt this matched the front organic 'cut out'

Since then I have used the same techniques to create tops! Also posted below. These are all for sale (£30) and can be sent out to you. Please email me on for enquiries. They are all one size, stretchy and adjustable, so will fit just about everyone!


These then turned into a lace bodysuit I made for my sisters engagement party. It still has the full open back and large ribbon bow.

Theres nothing like the feeling you get when someone asks where your clothes are from and you can proudly say that you made it. It has always been my dream to design and make my own clothes…its insane this is now my reality.


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